Sol 22


Lensbaby’s Sol 22 for Micro 4/3 is the first Lensbaby lens designed specifically for Micro 4/3 sensor cameras. This all metal bodied 22mm f/3.5 selective focus lens creates an effect similar to Sol 45 on a Full Frame sensor, with a tack-sharp circular area of focus surrounded by dramatic blur and smooth bokeh. By tilting the lens, you are able to isolate your subject within the frame to capture intentional, personal images that unveil your unique take on the world. It’s 8.5­º of tilt ensures that your area of focus is always within frame. Sol 22 for Micro 4/3 also features center-locking ability. Twisting the lens into the lock position lets you know when your spot of focus is in the center of the frame for quick and easy focusing.

For photographers looking to add additional creativity to their images in the moment, Sol 22 for Micro 4/3 has two bokeh blades. Situated on hinged arms that hide at the edges of the lens, these two blades add subtle lines and texture to the bokeh. To use the creative bokeh blades, simply bring the blades into the lens’s field of view and then rotate them in any direction – horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

The ease of use and creative effects of Sol 22 for Micro 4/3 make this the perfect lens for photographers that are newer to Lensbaby or looking to experiment with selective focus. With its lightweight and portable design it will be your go-to travel companion, no matter where your journey takes you.

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