Circular 180+ lens for GoPro® Hero cameras


Looking for a new accessory for your GoPro that lets you capture fun, immersive footage with a completely unique perspective?

Introducing the Circular 180+ lens for GoPro® Hero cameras. It simply attaches to your GoPro’s housing and lets you capture more than the human eye can see in every direction. Circular 180+ lets you see all the way up and all the way down – and then some!

Like your GoPro camera, it’s rugged and waterproof and can go anywhere.

Take it on all of your GoPro shooting adventures – whether it’s simply out your front door, or around the world. You’ll create videos unlike anything anyone has ever seen.

See the Circular 180+ in action below, and visit our Circular 180+ Hub for more sample video footage.

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Circular 180+ Reel


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